Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Fastest Man in the Cemetery

There is just something about little boys that make you want to bottle up their zest, curiosity, mischievousness  and innocence and keep it there forever.  My little (and only) guy is turning 4 in a few weeks (Valentine's Day baby!) and he is just the sweetest and funniest kid I know.    Not too long ago, he got up early and made his way into our bedroom and climbed into bed with us, waking both myself and Mr. Undomestic up and this is the conversation that followed:

Mr. Undomestic - "L, go back to your own bed"
L - "I can't!"
Mr. Undomestic - "Why can't you?"
L - "Because I love Mom!"   (awwwww, told  you he was sweet)
Mr. Undomestic -   "Take her with you then!"  (apparently L didn't get his sweetness from him!)

Today was preschool day for L.  As we were leaving, L was running down the hallway ahead of me.  Just as he catches up to another Mom with her preschooler and a teacher at the school, he says "I'm the fastest man in the cemetery!" and then kept running on.  Pretty deep for a not-quite-four-year-old, don't you think?

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