Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

New year and starting a new (my first ever) blog!
I have some goals for the new year and I am hoping that making them 'public' will help to keep me motivated!
I want this year to be a healthy one for myself and my family, so we are going to be more active and more aware of our food choices.  Along with that, will come more cooking and meal planning for me (yikes!)
I want to be able to sew and craft more and maintain that connection with my creative side.  I want my kids to get in there and get crafty too.  I see a many trips to Michael's in the coming months!
I want to get more organized this year.  (I mean who doesn't?)  I purchased Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry and this just may be the key!  (fingers crossed)
Most of all, I want to make memories and cherish every moment with my loved ones!
What are your goals this year?
Happy New Year All!

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